Hellgate Osprey Cam

Live Osprey Nest Cam - Hellgate Canyon, Missoula, MT.

You are watching a mating pair of Osprey named Louis and Iris. These Ospreys usually start laying eggs mid April - May. 2012 nesting information: Iris raised 3 chicks with her former mate Stanley, unfortunately Stanley never returned to the nest in 2016 and is presumed to have died sometime over migration, Louis came into the picture in 2016 and the pair tried but failed to have chicks. For more information about this camera please visit allaboutbirds.org.

Hatch Information:
1st egg hatched 6/17/13, 2nd egg hatched 6/19/13

How to tell who is who? Louis’s chest is all white and Iris has dark brown or black feathers on her chest. The dark feathers on her chest make a necklace pattern.

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