How do I change my email notification settings? Watch the video below for detailed instructions. You must be logged in to change settings.

What does the @ mean? When typing a comment you can mention someone in the comment by using the @ and then selecting the persons name. When doing this that person will be notified of the comment so they can reply to you or even just read the comment you made. Watch the video below for detailed instructions.

Why do I have to put a code in every time I comment? You need to register. Once registered and logged in you will no longer need to put in a code to comment.

How do I login? To login you first need to register. Here is a step by step tutorial video:

When I try to register it says my email is already being used. Now what do I do?

You need to reset your password. Click Here: Reset My Password

A password reset link will be emailed to you. Click on the link in your email and this is what you will see. You can replace the long complex password with one that you like better if you choose. When done click "reset password".

You will then be redirected back to SPO. To login you click the login button. Enter your email or user id and then password. You should be good to go.

Where do I change my Avatar photo?

Once logged in there will be a link at the top of the page called "profile". Clicking on that link will bring you to where you can change your avatar.

Am I going to get all sorts of emails?

NO, There are a few times when you will get an email. When when we send out a newsletter you will. Otherwise, if you are getting email notifications that you don't want you can change your settings. See video above "Email Notification Settings".  We never distribute or sell your personal information.