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Oceanside Barn Owls - Mel & Sydney

Mel (male) & Sydney (female), are a mating pair of barn owls located in Oceanside, California. The owl box owner is originally from Melbourne, Australia. The box was set up in mid November 2010 and the owls could be seen in the box just two weeks later. This owl box is 16ft above the ground in the owners back yard which is near acres of open wilderness. This provides for plenty of hunting grounds for the owls.
Incubation is 30-34 days from the date each egg is laid. Unlike chickens, Barn Owls begin to incubate immediately after the 1st egg is laid. Each egg will hatch on a different day. All time is in PST(Pacific Standard Time). More information about this camera can be found at Mel & Sydney's Daily Blog.

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Pat from MA

I still can not get inside cam….outside works….weird! Oh….good morning…


2:09 am and she just flew, missed it, darn ! And she came right back !


Wow, the wind is pickin up at the owl box tonight!!! But Syd is sleeping through it! Was hoping to see a delivery from Mel but hasn’t happened yet! But i’ve got to sign off, i’m tired and in need of sleep! Love and hugs to you all! And hope that those of you who are having problems getting logged on can get it fixed and come join us !!! Nite All!


Syd back in 12;20 Pacific Night all

syd 2.JPG

Yes, she just had a potty break! hi Judy, Goodnite!

Chris in Olympia

Good Night Folks! I can’t get any cams here so thanks for the photos.


Goodnite dear Chris, sorry Still seem to have many issues to get worked out!


I’m gonna call it a night too Trish.
Have an appointment in the morning.
It’s always good to see you.
Love & hugs!


ok, Goodnite dear Darlene, sleep well and Love and hUgs back atcha! Its always good to be here,, helps relieve stress normally! LOL


Since our night watch is in very capable hands, I’ll be off to other endeavors and then to bed.

Goodnight, ladies.


Goodnite dear George! Nice to see you!


Good night George.
I’m not too far behind you.
Sleep well.