6TH Egg Laid! – 831 Barn Owl Nest Cam

Momma 831 laid her 6th egg yesterday(3/7/24). That’s gonna be a full nest box! Barn Owls always start incubation after the 1st egg is laid. Eggs hatch in the order of which they were laid. In general, the eggs are incubated for 29-34 days before hatching. That means we can look for the hatching mania to start sometime around the 29th of this month. It’s unlikely she will lay anymore eggs, but you never know.

Here are the egg laying dates:

1st egg 2/26/24
2nd egg 2/28/24
3rd egg 3/01/24
4th egg 3/03/24
5th egg 3/05/24
6th egg 3/07/24