Barn Owls Nesting - Silicon Valley, Ca

You are watching a live broadcast of wild barn owls nesting. The female barn owl is named Juliet. The male(Romeo) has a white chest and face. This camera is located in Northern California's Bay Area, just south of San Francisco. The 2017-2018 nesting season is the first year for this Barn Owl Nest Box. To learn more information about the new nest box and also about the previous one click here. For more information about this camera stream or to make a donation please visit siliconvalleynaturecam.

2018 Timeline: Egg #1: 1/23/18 at 9:19AM Egg #2: 1/25/2018 at 10:16AM Egg #3: 1/27/2018 at 10:44AM Egg #4: 1/29/2018 at 11:46AM Egg #5: 1/31/2018 at 4:16PM Egg #6: 2/3/2018 at 9:16AM

Hatch is about 30-32 days after the first egg is laid. Previous years hatch information can be found here: click here


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Hi friends….DS is still running….in 22nd place right now…hope we get to see him at the finish line live!


I’ve been tracking him on and off all day….saw the video of the starting line….and watching
my grand dog live too, lol…on the doggie daycare/boarding place cam.

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