Deerfield Beach Underwater Cam Recap Video

Over 30 different species of marine wildlife was spotted during the month of March 2023! They include everything from Sea Turtles to Hammerhead shark.

Check out the list of marine life you will see in this recap video:
Blennies, Bar jack, Barracuda, Blue runner, Blue tang, Scrawled filefish, Horse-eyed jack , Lookdowns, Moonfish, Margate, Gray trigger, Smooth trunkfish, Doctorfish, Surgeonfish, Spanish hog, Pompano, Queen angel, Sea hare, Nurse sharks, Snook, Tarpon, Blueheaded wrasse, Remora, Soapfish, Yellow jack, Sergeant majors, Porkfish, Mangrove snapper, Chubs, Porgy, Spottail, Pinfish, Amber, Almaco jack