Sea Eagle Cam update 1/7/23

Don’t know if anyone’s still coming here to check but, sadly, news came this week that SE29 was not able to recover from his injury and was euthanized. I am devastated by that news. It seemed he prepared so well before fledging. On a brighter note, SE30 is doing well and progressing nicely.
Nov – 2022
Both SE29 and SE30 were rescued and are in care. SE29 had surgery on the broken leg, which went well but still a tough road ahead. Hoping and praying for a full recovery. SE30 had no injuries but was severely thin. Being hydrated and fed, building up strength and conditioning. Hopefully they both heal and are able to be released into the wild again. It’s so tough for the seaglets. So many swooping birds and tall buildings nearby. Posted by: CarolK

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