Video – Whitefish Bay Departs Duluth 7/9/24



🚢 **Introducing The Whitefish Bay**

Whitefish Bay is a self-unloading lake freighter that hit the waters in 2013 under Canada Steamship Lines (CSL). 

🏗️ **Birthplace: China**

This vessel was built in China, showcasing their shipbuilding prowess. 

🌼 **Part of the Trillium-Class**

Whitefish Bay is the third of CSL’s Trillium-class ships, sharing the class with her sister ships: Baie Comeau, Baie St. Paul, and Thunder Bay.

🌊 **North American Navigator**

She primarily transports goods across the North American Great Lakes and the St. Lawrence Seaway, playing a crucial role in regional trade.

Watch the live Duluth Canal cams: