Bald Eagle Nest Cam   

Camera #1 Live Bald Eagle Nest Cam located at the Two Harbors Bald Eagle nest on Santa Catalina Island, California. The male is #K-81 (Justice) and the female is #K-82 (Liberty). Liberty has a tag on her right wing and Justice has no wing tags showing. Camera #2 West End Bald Eagle nest on Santa Catalina Island, California. The male is #K-01 (Superman) and has no visible wing tags. The female is #K-91 (Thunder). She is Superman's new mate. These live camera feeds have been provided by The Institute for Wildlife Studies, a non-profit organization. For more information about the eagles, to make a donation or anything else about these cameras please visit

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2013 Nest Info for Cam #1 (Two Harbors) 02/16: 1st egg laid, 02/19: 2nd egg laid, 02/24: one egg broken
2013 Info for Cam #2 (West End) 02/22: First egg laid , 02/25: Second egg laid, 03/01: Third egg laid
2014 Nest Info for Cam #1 (Two harbors)2/15 1st egg laid, 2/17: 2nd egg laid, 2/17: one egg broken, 3/25 Chick hatched
2014 Info for Cam #2 (West End)No eggs have been laid this season yet, but the new pair is actively restoring the nest and mating.

Camera #1 - Two Harbors, Santa Catalina Island, Ca
Camera #2 - West End Bald Eagle nest, Santa Catalina Island, Ca
West End Bald Eagle nest - wide view camera
Pelican Harbor, Santa Cruz Island
Humboldt Bay Cam 1, N. California
Humboldt Bay Cam 2, N. California
Sauces Canyon, Santa Cruz Island