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Privacy Statement of Sportsman’s Paradise Online

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Information about our Organization and Web site

Modern information and communication technologies play a fundamental role in the activities of an organisation like Sportsman’s Paradise Online . We are based in the USA .

Our principal activities are: Web Content
A Community of people who interact and converse about wildlife.

Our privacy policy covers Sportsman’s Paradise Online and its Web site: Website Name: Sportsman’s Paradise Online
Country: USA
Controller: Webmaster
Web Sites(s):

Providing Visitors with Anonymous Access

You can access our Web site home page and browse our site without disclosing your personal data.

The services and links of our Web site

Our Web site enables you to communicate with other visitors or to post information to be accessed by others. When you do so, other visitors may collect the data you post or share. Comments made on our public commenting threads may be shared or viewed by anyone.

Our Web site also includes a link to: Google Adsense – Google Affiliate Network
Viglink, Lijit, Amazon
Such third party Web service providers may collect personal data about our visitors.

Automatic Collection of Information

We do use cookies on our Web site. Cookies are used to help keep registered users logged in who utilize the “remember me” check box at login. Registered users who do not elect to click “remember me” at login will remain logged in for 4 hours or until they close their browser. This is achieved by the use of cookies.

We do not automatically log personal data about specific individuals(for example: your email). Any data collected has been manually input by the user.

Data Collection and Purpose Specification

Regarding The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) (EU) 2016/679 effective 05/25/2018. Superseding the Data Protection Directive, the regulation contains provisions and requirements pertaining to the processing of personally identifiable information of data subjects inside the European Union. Business processes that handle personal data must be built with privacy by design and by default, meaning that personal data must be stored using pseudonymisation or full anonymisation, and use the highest-possible privacy settings by default, so that the data is not available publicly without explicit consent, and cannot be used to identify a subject without additional information stored separately. No personal data may be processed unless it is done under a lawful basis specified by the regulation, or if the data controller or processor has received explicit, opt-in consent from the data’s owner. The business must allow this permission to be withdrawn at any time.

Privacy Compliance has been built with privacy by design using the highest stored data security available. Personal data is not available publicly with out explicit consent and cannot be used to identify a subject without additional information stored separately.

A direct link to this privacy policy is available on every page of

The goal of our privacy policy is to inform and empower the user via this privacy policy and give each user explicit access to the personal information they have provided. It’s each users choice as to what information they wish to make public. Each user account has the highest possible privacy settings by default. This setting can be changed if that user chooses to do so. The privacy settings are located in each user profile. Each user is in compete control of their data. Users are also able to delete their entire account including all personal data via their profile settings if they so choose.

When you create an account at either via the registration form or through authorization via a social network(facebook,twitter,ect.) you are providing personal information. In doing so you are is consenting to have store that data.

Comments posted in the comment threads found on are not written or endorsed by Sportsman’s Paradise Online.

Comments posted in the comment threads found on are viewable by the public.

Privacy Support

If you have an enquiry or concern about our privacy policy, please contact:

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