Frequently asked questions(FAQ).

Please check it over and if the issue you are having can’t be resolved then please “contact us“. We are here to help!

How do I login? To login you first need to register. At the top right of any page at SPO tap or click on “register”. If on mobile or tablet you will need to tap on the three flat lines(hamburger symbol). From there you will see “register” in the drop down menu.

Once you are logged in here are some common FAQ:

How do I mention someone?

To mention another member in the comment box use the @ and then type a couple letters of the username. It will automatically populate a list. Click or tap on the user you want to mention from the list. Make sure not to put a space between the @ and the username.

Why mention a comment?

If there is a comment which is a couple pages back in the commenting list you can mention it so others will easily see it on the 1st page.

How do I mention a comment?

To the right of every comment is a comment number. You just use the # and then either type or paste the comment number next to the #. Make sure to leave a space after the #12345 .

Where do I change my Avatar photo?

Once logged in there will be a link at the top of the page called “My Profile”. Clicking on that link will bring you to your profile. Looks for a gear icon on the right side. Click on that and you will see a drop down menu with the option to “edit profile”.

Whats the Blue ball round looking thing for?

That is the new comment notifier. When a comment or reply is made on the page it will light up with an orange number indicating the number of new comments. Click or tap on the blue ball and it will bring you to those new comments. Also, if you are further down the page and click on the blue ball it will bring you back to the top without having to wear your finger out scrolling!

I see a red/white bell at the bottom right of the page. What’s that for?

We offer push notifications to let people know about live cams updates in real time. If you see that red/white bell it means you are not subscribed to it. Click on the red bell to subscribe. It’s an awesome feature!

I see a blue bell, what’s that for?

The blue bell notifies you of new replies to any comment you’ve made and who liked your comment. When there is a new notification there will be a number on the bell. Click on the bell and it will pull up a menu. It will tell you who replied and if you click on the word “comment” it will take you to the reply. Same goes for if someone likes your comment. Also, you can “delete all” or they will auto delete every 5 days.

notification bell

Why are some of the comments yellow?

This means they are “unread”. when your mouse pointer goes over them or you tap on them with a touch screen they will turn back to white indicating “read”.