This page is meant to give simple instruction for common questions. Please check it over and if the issue you are having can’t be resolved then please “contact us” at the bottom of this page. We are here to help!

How do I login? To login you first need to register. Here is a step by step tutorial video:

What do these buttons do?

The buttons allow you to add mark-ups to your comment. Each one does something different. To execute all you do is highlight the text you want to change within the post your creating then click one of the buttons. Once you click post it will automatically change the text you highlighted to reflect the corresponding button. For example, b is to change text to bold.

Why would I mention someone?

Let’s say you are a few pages deep in the comments and you want to make a comment on an existing post, but since it’s a few pages back most likely the person you want to see it is not going to. If you mention them they will receive an email with a link to your comment. 

How do I mention someone?

To mention someone you use the @ and then type a couple letters of their username. It will automatically populate a list. Click on the user you want to mention from the list. Make sure not to put a space between the @ and the username.

Why mention a comment?

If there is a comment which is a couple pages back in the commenting list you can mention it so others will easily see it on the 1st page.

How do I mention a comment?

To the right of every comment is a comment number. You just use the # and then either type or paste the comment number next to the #. Make sure to leave a space after the #12345 .

Where do I change my Avatar photo?

Once logged in there will be a link at the top of the page called “account”. Clicking on that link will bring you to where you can change your avatar.

Am I going to get all sorts of emails?

NO, There are a few times when you will get an email. When when we send out a newsletter you will. Otherwise, if someone mentions you in a comment you will receive an email.

If you need help please “contact us” at the bottom of this page. We are here to help!