Frequently asked questions(FAQ).

Please check it over and if the issue you are having can’t be resolved then please “contact us“. We are here to help!

How do I login? To login you first need to register. At the top right of any page at SPO tap or click on “register”. If on mobile or tablet you will need to tap on the three flat lines(hamburger symbol). From there you will see “register” in the drop down menu.

Once you are logged in here are some common FAQ:

Where do I change my Avatar photo?

Once logged in there will be a link at the top of the page called “Profile”. Clicking on that link will bring you to your profile. Looks for a gear icon on the right side. Click on that and you will see a drop down menu with the option to “edit profile”.

Why are some of the comments green?

This means they are “unread”. when you click or tap on them they will turn back to white indicating “read”.