New Cams

Albatross Nest Cam

active all year

Carolina Deer Cam

active all-year

De Hoge Veluwe Wildlife Cam

active all year

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Eagle Nest Cams

Bald Eagle Cams – nesting November-June
Hays Eagle Cam – active Jan-May
USS Eagle Cam – active Jan-May
Decorah Eagle Nest – active February – June
Berry Eagles – active January – May
SW Florida Eagle Nest – active November – March
Big Bear Eagle Nest – active late Jan – May
more Live Eagle Cams
Decorah North Nest – active February – June
Notre Dame Bald Eagles – active February – June
Duke Farms Eagles – active February – June
MN DNR Nest – active February – June
KNF Bald Eagles – mid Nov-April
Sea Eagle Nest – nesting June-October
White Tailed Eagle Nest – nesting March-May

LIVE Fishing Cams

Sea Fishing LIVE – active all year

African Wildlife

Maritane Lodge Bush Cam – active all year
Djuma Waterhole Cam – active all year
African Safari – active all year
Namibia Waterhole – active all year

Allen Bird Cams – active all year

Peregrine Falcon Cams

CSU Falcon Cam – Aug-Nov
Montreal Cam – May-July

Domestic Animals

Goat Cams – active all year
Kitty Cam – active all year
Schnauzer Puppy Cam – active all year
Kitten Cam – active all year


Flora Hummingbird Nest – active all year

Hummingbird Nest – Jan-March
Ecuador Hummingbirds – active all year

Loon Cams

Loon Nest – May-July

Kestrel Cams

Kestrel Nest – mid April – July

Owl Cams

Barn Owl Cams – nesting February-August
831 Owl Cam – March-June
Florida Barn Owls – Jan-May
Oceanside Barn Owl Nest – February-June
Dorset Barn Owls – February-June
Barred Owl Nest Box – nesting Jan-March
Koenigstein Owls – offline for 2023

Eagle Owl Nest – March – July

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Zoo Cams
Panda Cam – active all year

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Stork Nest Cams

White Storks – late March-July
Storks Nesting – late March-July
Black Storks – April-June

Latest Posts:
  • Red Tailed Hawk Visits Hays Eagle Nest Video
    HNF – A Red-Tailed Hawk decided to check out the nest yesterday(9/19/23). Good thing no Eagles were around! At about the 1:38 mark you can see the Hawk proceed to check out the nest bowl and then fly across and perch on a branch.
  • Visitor Captures Video of Close Encounter With Bull Elk
    HNF – Recently a visitor at the Elk Country Visitor Center in Benezette, PA spotted a Giant Bull Elk near the road and decided to record the experience in this short video. You can hear the sound of a diesel truck in the background. It seems that they were safely in a vehicle. This occured … Read more
  • Port Lincoln Osprey 3 Eggs Laid Timeline
    HNF – 3 eggs have been laid at the Osprey nest in Port Lincoln, South Australia. 9/6/23 1st egg laid9/9/23 2nd egg laid9/12/23 3rd egg laid Osprey incubate their eggs for about 38 days before hatching. They usually hatch in the order of being laid. This timeframe can vary from as little as 36 days … Read more
  • Florida Barn Owls 7th Egg Laid Video
    HNF – The 7th egg was laid on 9/16/23.
  • 831 Barn Owl Cam Returns
    The 831 Barn Owl cam has made it’s way back to SPO. The live cam switches between an in box view and a quad view including the outside.
Birds & Critters

Bird Feeder Cams in Kansas – active all year
Japanese Wildlife – nesting May-June
Birds & Critters in Ohio – all year
Recke Germany Birds & Critters – active all year
Czech Wildlife Cam – active all year
Skomer Island Cams – March-Aug
Fox Den Cam – April-July
Florida Critter Cam – active all year
Brazil Bird Cam
active all year

Flacos Bird Cam – active all year

Australia Bird Cams – active all year

PA Bird Feeders – active all year

Panama Bird Feeders – active all year

United Kingdom Bird Feeders – active all year
Catalonia Bird Cam – active all year

Romania Wildlife – active all year

RRGC Wood Ducks -active March-May

Cardinal Nest – active April-May

TN Bluebirds nesting – March-April

VA Bluebirds nesting – March-April

Decorah Goose Nest – active March – May

Squirrel Babies – active all year

Bear Cams

Romania Bear Cam – active all year

Deer Cams

Wisconsin Deer & Critter Cam – active all year
PA Elk Cams – active all year
West Texas Deer Cam – active all year
Wyoming Elk Cam – active late October-March
Pennsylvania Deer Cam – active all year
Poland Deer Cam – active late Nov-Feb
Red Deer Cam – active late November-April
Minnesota Deer CamOffline – active all year

Osprey Nest Cams

Hellgate Osprey Nest – nesting April-early August
Dunrovin Osprey – active April-August
4k Osprey Nest – nesting April-May
Port Lincoln Osprey – active July-Nov

Great Horned Owls

Savannah GHO
Nest – active Jan-April

Fishing Videos

Thailand Cams

The Shack – active all year
Koh Samui Beach Cam – active all year
Green Mango – active all year

Hush Bar Cam – active all year

Fish Cams

Robbies Tarpon – active all year
Dania Beach Fishing Pier – active all year
Deerfield Beach Fishing Pier – active all year
Deerfield Beach Underwater Cam – active all year
Homosassa Springs Underwater cam – Nov-Feb

Other Cams

Hollywood Florida Boardwalk

active all year

Zero Point Levi

active all year

Duluth Canal Cam

active all year
JH Ski Cam

Sturgis Cams

live august 5-11
Surfing Cam

active all year
Hula Nature Reserve

active all year
Leavenworth Cams

active all year