Bluebird Nest and Feeder Cam

You are watching a live view inside the nest box of eastern bluebirds named Rosie and Blue. Incubation starts after the last egg is laid. Eggs will hatch after about 13-14 days. After hatching, the young bluebirds will remain in the nest for about 15 days. They will be brooded by either the mom or dad every day and night until they’re fully feathered. During this time the babies will be fed by both parent birds. Once the baby birds fledge they do not return to the nest.

Fledgling Stage – At the end of the nestling timeframe, the young birds will fly from the nest. They will be fed by the parent birds for about another 7 to 14 days. During this time you will see them around the vicinity of the nest. Very soon after the brood has left and is on their own the parent birds will start the nesting cycle over. They could raise as many as 3 broods in one season. Please note: if there aren’t any birds nesting, the camera may switch to a feeder platform. When nesting season is over you will see a view of bird feeders instead. This camera is located in Soddy Daisy, Tennessee.

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