SVN Barn Owls – Silicon Valley, Ca

This camera is located in Northern California’s Bay Area, just south of San Francisco. The 2017-2018 nesting season is the first year for this Barn Owl Nest Box. To learn more information about the new nest box and also about the previous one click here. For more information about this camera stream or to make a donation please visit siliconvalleynaturecam.

Hatch is about 30-32 days after the first egg is laid. Hatch/Lay information can be found here: click here


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tomorrow night is our next play at the theater..Nerd..I never heard of that one..

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My water bottle has owls all over it and I have 2 mugs that have owls on I don’t know how to post photo’s on here i can do it on facebook…lol But i did have tea in a mug and thought of Lady K late this afternoon.. and lifted it up to her..♥ I noticed here they have the bottom cam blocked that you couldn’t see the egg…

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I have my cup of tea in the evening around 7:30 and when I do I will remember Lady K. and have her in my thoughts and prayers. doubleheart Sorry I don’t have a tea cup with an owl on it just a water bottle with owls.

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that’s ok…..if you want you can post a photo of your owl water bottle…pics of our owl
mugs have been posted at M and M, and M and S, (well, Chris’ and mine so far)