Albatross Nest – Dunedin, New Zealand

You are watching a live broadcast of Albatross Nesting(aka RoyalCam). This live stream is located at the northern royal albatross colony in Taiaroa Head near Dunedin, in New Zealand. Dunedin is in southeastern New Zealand. This cam runs 24/7 during the breeding season. For more information or to make a donation please visit

Incubation (by both male and female) is 64-65 days. For 2-3 weeks after the egg hatches, one parent will stay with the young while the other forages for food. The baby Albatross is fed by regurgitation from both parents. Timeframe from hatching to departure from island is about 165 days. Timeframe from the start of incubation to fledge is about 230 days.

2018/2019 nest information. 1 egg hatched on 01/24/2019

2019/2020 OGK (banded Orange, Green, Black) a 21 year old male and YRK (banded Yellow, Red, Black) and 25 year old female. YRK laid the egg on 11-14-2019