Live Giant Panda Cam – China

Panda Cam from Chengdu Research Base in China. This sanctuary is home to over 100 giant Pandas making it one of the largest in China. Pandas are separated by age at the sanctuary. This live feed will show you different views of Pandas doing anything from sleeping, eating, playing, climbing and much more.

As you will see below. One camera is a video loop of live events from the previous day and another cam is streaming a current live.

About the Sanctuary: The sanctuaries(or base) is 165 acres in size. It is home to several of…

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panda cam with replay of the previous day on a loop
pandacam with current live stream
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1 month ago

Cute Pandas! 🐼😊
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2 months ago

Not fit for man or beast right now even though pandas are well-suited to this type pf weather. BRRRRR.!