Live Eagle Owl Nest Cam – Estonia

You are watching a live cam situated on the nest of an Eagle Owl family. This nest is located in northern Estonia near a road and some farmhouses. The female is bigger in size than the male. This is a PTZ(pan, tilt, zoom) camera and the live stream is made possible from wireless cellular transmission. This is a man made nesting platform. Eagle Owls usually nest on open type platforms such as abandon larger birds nests, tree stumps, cliff ledges ect.. Eagle Owls are very endangered in Estonia. There are only about 30-50 mating pairs known in the entire country. Human disturbance is to blame for this(deforestation, contamination of prey with toxins, human development ect.).

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1st egg 3/23/23 – 2nd egg laid 3/26/23 – 3rd egg 3/29-3/30/23. 1st egg hatched 4/25/23. 2nd egg hatched 4/26/23 3rd egg hatched 4/30/23.

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