PA Deer Cams

Live PA Deer Cams setup located in Southwestern Pennsylvania about 30 miles east of Pittsburgh. You will see all kinds of critters on this cam including Whitetail Deer, Raccoons, Turkeys, Crows, Skunks, Groundhogs, Chipmunks, Squirrels, Song Birds and anything else that might be roaming through looking for a snack. The Best time to view deer are at dawn and dusk. However, wildlife may come at any time. The feeder distributes…

cracked corn and sweet feed 4 times per day. At times, pumpkins, salt licks and mineral blocks will be set out too. You can rewind the camera up to 4 hours by clicking and dragging on the red progress bar within the video. Some of the cameras are pan/tilt zoom and are controlled in the evening and weekends. Also, the cameras are on 24/7 and do provide viewing at night through the use of night vision. This is a light spectrum which is not visable to animal or human, only the cameras can pick it up which in turn allows us to receive a black and white live video at night.

More information about the PA Deer Cams terrain and landscape – As you can see from the live camera view, this area of Pennsylvania is full of rolling hills and dense, mostly deciduous forest. Furthermore, these rolling foothills lead to the Appalachian Mountains which cut north and south right through the middle of the state.

If you see something interesting on one of the cams please leave a comment or take a screenshot and share it in the comments section located below the cams.

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