Live Hummingbird Nest Cam – Oceanside, CA

This is a live broadcast of wild female hummingbirds nesting. There are several Hummers that nest in this yard. Their nests are usually located bushes and no larger than the size of a golf ball. The nest is made from feathers, leaves and other parts of plant matter. She then wraps this material together with spider webs. The eggs she lays are about the size of a breath mint(tic-tac). Hummingbirds lay 1 or 2 eggs per clutch. You can expect to see them hatch after about 14-16 days from the date they are laid. The chicks will continue to grow in the nest for about three to four weeks before fledging.

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Hummingbird Lay,Hatch,Fledge & Nest Updates

Olive the Hummingbird nest
Olive the Hummingbird nest