White Storks Nesting

You are watching a mating pair of White Storks located in Havelsee. Fohrde is a district of the city Havelsee in the state Brandenburg (Germany).The bedding is made mostly of sticks mixed with green moss. They are wild storks. Eggs are laid every two days at the end of April to early May. Incubation varies between 28-34 days. Both parents incubate the eggs. Incubation starts after the last egg is laid. The parents keep their young shaded and protected until about 2-3 weeks after they hatch.  The young start standing up in the nest at about 4 weeks of age and fledge at 8-9 weeks old. For more information about that nest please visit storchennest-fohrde.de

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Stork Nests Lay,Hatch,Fledge & Nest Updates

nest 1
nest 1 – Approach View

Egg laying starts at the end of April to begining of May. 2022 Timeline: 5/17 1st egg, 5/19 2nd egg, 5/22 3rd egg laid. Incubation lasts 33-34 days before hatching.