KNF Bald Eagles – Kincaid Lake, Louisiana

You are watching a mating pair of Bald Eagles named Louis & Anna. The nest and PTZ cam is located about 100ft up in a Loblolly Pine tree near Kincaid Lake in the Kisatchie National Forest. The pair began nesting here in 2020 and they raised one chick. This camera has been set-up and is maintained by the U.S. Forest service.

2022 Nesting Historical Timeline: 1st egg laid on 12/4/21, 2nd egg laid 12/7/21. Sadly, one of the eggs broke due to Anna having a rough landing on 12/14/21. Hatch watch started on 1/8/22 for the 1st egg and 1/11/22 for the 2nd egg. Hatched 1/12/22.

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