Osprey Nest Cam – Port Lincoln, South Australia

You are watching a pair of Osprey nesting. This nest is located on a barge at the Port Lincoln marina. Remember hatch/lay is always based on local time. Historically nesting starts in early August with eggs being laid before mid August. Then hatching in September. More information about the nest can be found at facebook.com/portlincolnosprey and a detailed timeline of current events can be found on google docs.

local date/time:

HISTORY for 2021 – Three eggs have been laid. 3, 6 and 9th of August. All three have hatched with the 3rd egg hatching on Sept 15th 2021.

2022 1st egg laid 8-9, 2nd egg 8-12, 3rd egg 8-15. Hatch can be expected about 38 days after the egg is laid.

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