West Texas Deer Cam

Live Deer cam Texas near Lake Alan Henry between Post, Tx and Snyder, Tx. This live cam is focused on a wildlife feeder that automatically distributes food several times per day. This live cam streams 24/7.

The feeder drops corn at the following times: 5pm (6 second feeding) – 6pm (6 second feeding) – 5:30am (3 second feeding). Central Standard Time.

Here at the live deer cam Texas you will primarily see White-tailed Deer. Texas has more white-tailed Deer than any other state with an estimated population of 5.3 million. Other animals besides bucks and does that will show up are Raccoons, Rabbits, Wild Hogs with piglets, Turkeys, vocal Coyotes, Skunks, Quail, Doves and several other species of birds. Most of the Wildlife are usually more active from dusk till dawn when the temps have cooled and they are able to use the cover of darkness to protect them. Please note: There are also Bobcats and Mountain Lions living in the hilly landscape around the area. They have not been spotted on the live cam yet.

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