Gray Squirrel Nest Box Cam – Arkansas, USA

You are watching live video from a Gray Squirrel nest box located in Arkansas, USA. You will see an inside view and also an outside view of the yard. The babies were born around July 27th 2019. They will leave the nest about 10 weeks after being born. During this time they depend soley on their mom for survival. For more information about this cam please visit their facebook page.

About Gray Squirrels: Gray squirrels build a nest known as a “drey”. Nests can be found in the forks of trees, hollowed out tree trunks, nest boxes and more. Nests consist mainly of dry leaves and twigs. Males and females may share the same nest for short times during the breeding season and during cold winter spells squirrels may share a drey to stay warm. Gray squirrels are crepuscular(more active early and late in the day). They do not hibernate.

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