Underwater Cam – Deerfield Beach, FL

LIVE Deerfield Beach, FL USA Underwater CameraLIVE Deerfield Beach, FL USA Underwater Camera

You are watching the Deerfield Beach underwater cam live view near the fishing pier in Deerfield Beach, Florida. Watch ocean marine life, see many different fish throughout the day. This live underwater fish cam is located 20-30ft down depending on the tides. Furthermore, every few weeks to a month, a diver or two is sent down to clean the camera housing and perform routine maintence. The fishing pier is a 920ft wooden…

structure elongating out into the beautiful blue ocean. NO Swimming, snorkeling, or diving within 150FT of the fishing pier. You can get a view of the Deerfield Beach fishing pier here by checking out the Pier Cam. More than fish lurk here. See crabs, ocean worms, octopus, jellyfish, squid, lobster not to mention sea turtles as well! Learn about the types of fish seen on camera by visiting the city of Deerfield Beaches website here.

Some interesting facts:

Did you know there are 5 species of Sea Turtles in the waters around Florida? Moreover, the most common species seen around the area are the Loggerhead, Leatherback and Green Sea Turtle. In fact, these 3 species like it so much that they have chosen to nest on Deerfield Beach annully. Sea Turtle nesting is from early March through mid October depending on species.

Deerfield Beach is located on the southeastern shores of Florida. Also, it’s most known for it’s fantastic beach. In fact, It’s one of the nations cleanest and most enviromentally safe beaches. In addition, earning certification as a “Blue Wave Beach” achieved in 1999. Furthermore, “The Blue Wave program is the first national environmental certification for beaches. Blue Wave certification was created to help maintain enviromentally friendly, healthy, and vibrant beaches.

Deerfield Beach Cam, Underwater Fish Cam
deerfield beach cam

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