Loon Nest Live Cam

You are watching a live Loon nest cam. The nest is located in a shallow bog area of a lake in the Lakes Region of New Hampshire. Nesting season starts in May. Once eggs are laid incubation occurs for 28 days before hatching. The local time is displayed on the bottom left of the video.

Nesting Information: Egg laying usually occurs late May to mid June every year. Remember, loonlets fledge within 24hours of hatching.

About this live cam: The LPC(Loon Preservation Committee) has been streaming a Loon nest live cam since 2014. Since 1975 it has been the LPC’s goal to restore and maintain a healthy population of loons throughout the state of New Hampshire. For more information please visit loon.org.

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March 18, 2024 4:40 pm

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