Osprey Nest Cam – LoLo, MT

Your watching a live video cam of wild Osprey named Swoop and Harriet.

The nest is located 45 feet off the ground on the top of a pole. Nesting season is from April to Early August. After the Osprey leave for migration the ranch owners install a bird feeder station on the nest perch.

You will see all kinds of birds including raptors, geese, squirrels and more. The feeder station comes down in spring right before the osprey are about to return.  Learn more about this cam at: daysatdunrovin.com.

2022 – First egg was damaged and is non-viable. Second egg laid around 4-25-22, third egg laid around 4-27-22. incubation is 36-42 days before hatching occurs. Eggs hatch in the order they are laid because incubation starts after the first egg is laid.

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