Sea Eagle Nest Cam – Australia

You are watching a live Sea Eagle nest camera located at the Sydney Olympic Park in Sydney, Australia. This high definition video camera is located about 50 feet above the ground in a eucalyptus tree within a protected nature reserve. The White bellied Sea Eagle (Haliaeetus leucogaster) is the second largest bird of prey in Australia. Nesting starts in June.

This mating pair of eagles usually lay two eggs at the end of June or early July and incubate them for 45 days before they hatch. The young eaglets will then stay in the nest for about 90 days until they are ready to fledge. The eagles get fish from the nearby Parramatta River and surrounding wetlands of Olympic Park until the eaglets are 1-2 months old. Then their diet changes to Silver Gulls of which they catch from a small breeding colony on the wrecks in Homebush Bay. To learn more about this live cam please visit Sea Eagle