Osprey Cam Carthage, TN

You watch a pair of Osprey in 4k definition. This nest is located in Carthage, TN. The camera setup was provided by a local communications company called DTC Communications. To learn more about the area, please visit smithcountychamber.org

Important 4k streaming information:
When you’re on a mobile device, the video player automatically determines the highest available streaming quality. If you’re on a desktop, the laptop is ect. You can manually adjust the streaming quality. On the lower right side of the video you will see a “gear” that will allow you to adjust it.

If you click on the “gear” within the video you can display up to 4k quality. Remember, if you don’t see live video after 5-10 seconds, or if it buffers a lot, you’ve probably set it higher than what your Internet connection can handle.

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