Puffin Nest Burrow Cam

Live Puffin Nest Burrow Cam - Seal Island, Maine.
This is a live feed of a wild nesting Atlantic Puffin. Atlantic Puffins spend a majority of their time at sea. They come to land every spring to breed. Breeding takes place on northern seacoasts and rocky islands.
Identification: colorful pigeon-sized birds.
Breeding Information: They lay one egg in their burrow homes. The male and female share incubation duties. Incubation is about 40 days. Once the baby "puffling" hatches both parents will feed it a diet of fresh fish for about 6 weeks. After that 45 days the "puffling" is mature enough to leave the nest. To contribute more information about the Puffin nest please visit the Puffins Wiki page. To make a donation please visit audubon.org.

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