Southwest Florida Eagle Cam

Southwest Florida Eagle Cam
You are watching a live broadcast of a wild mating pair of bald eagles named M15 and Harriet located in Southwest Florida. The male(M15) and female(Harriet) both help in incubation of the eggs and will also both provide food for the eaglets after they hatch.

About this nest - The nest is about 60 feet above the ground, in a Slash Pine tree. As of 2012, the bald eagles have made this nest their home for 5 years.
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2015/16 E7 hatched 7:23am 01/26/16, E8 hatched 10:39pm 01/27/16
2014/15 - 1st egg laid 11/19/14, 2nd 11/22/14, hatch watch starts around 12/21/14.
2013/14 - 1st egg laid 11/17/13, 2nd 11/20/13, 1st egg hatched 12/23/13, 2nd egg hatched 12/25/13, E3 did not make it.
2012/13 - 1st egg laid 11/26/12, 2nd 11/29/12. 1st egg hatched 1/1/13, 2nd 1/3/13
2011/12 - 1 eaglet, 2010/11 - 2 eaglets, 2009/10 - 1 eaglet, 2008/09 - 2 eaglets