Athena Owl Cam – Houston, Texas

You are watching the Athena Owl Cam, an Eastern Screech Owl. She usually begins nesting from late February-March, with owlets fledging in April. Athena’s Nest Cam is located in Houston, TX. Her nest box is off the ground and filled with wood chips which is common for an owl nest box.

Lay, Hatch, Branching & Fledge Data:
2019-2020 TBD

Interesting facts about Screech Owls:

They have some of the most beautiful offspring. The baby “owlets” look like little white puff balls.

This species primarily hunt rodents and other small animals, but will also eat bugs such as earth worms.

Screech Owls hunt at night from a perch, relying on vision and sound they swoop down on prey from above.

Eastern Screech Owls are also known as or called, a Common Screech Owl, Little Grey Owl, Dusk Owl, Little-eared Owl, Spirit Owl, Little Dukelet, Texas Screech Owl, Whickering Owl, Little Horned Owl, Mottled Owl, Red Owl, Ghost Owl, Cat Owl, Shivering Owl, and a Mouse Owl.

Eastern Screech Owls rarely glide and have a wing beat of 5 strokes per second.

All Screech Owls live in areas both wooded and pararie from the Rocky Mountains to the Atlantic Ocean from Southern Canada to Northern Mexico.

Nesting starts in a hole or cavity. Screech Owls lay 2-6 white eggs each year and are about 1.4″ long by 1.1″ wide.

Offspring rely on their parents for food 8-10 weeks after leaving the nest.

Athena Owl Cam
Screech Owl Nest Cam

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