Booted Eagles

Parque Natural de los Puertos, Spain.

You are watching a live broadcast of Booted Eagles Nesting.

This nest is located in Parque Natural de los Puertos, Spain. Nesting starts at the beginning of April every year.

Hatch is usually between the end of may and the 2nd week of June every year.

Interesting facts: The white marking on the wings are known as “landing lights”. Booted Eagles hunt small mammals, reptiles and birds weighing up to 5 times their own weight.

The Booted Eagle is a medium-sized mostly migratory bird of prey located in the Palearctic and southern Asia, wintering in the tropics of Africa, Asia and south-western Africa. Booted Eagles lay 1–2 eggs in a nest built from sticks and lined with leaves in the fork of a tree or on a crag, or they can take over an abandoned nest of another large bird such as a black kite or grey heron. The female incubates the egg for around 45 days and is fed by the male, after hatching she guards the nest and the young while the male provides all the food. The chicks fledge after 70–75 days.

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