You are watching a live cam situated on the nest of an Eagle Owl family. The nest is located on a ledge in the courtyard of the castle ruin Konigstein, Germany. This is a 24/7 live stream with night vision.

2019: 3 eggs successfully hatched. 2 owls have branched and one (named Gizmo) is still in the nest. Gizmo was the last to hatch and is smaller than it’s siblings. The castle courtyard was closed to visitors and no dogs were allowed on the grounds during nesting. Gizmo ended up being taken to a rehab center because he wasn’t progressing like he should have been. For more detailed information about this years happenings please visit

2022 update – Unfortunately, the well-known Königstein owls have also moved this year – not away from Königstein, but within the large castle ruins. The good news: unnoticed by the municipal YouTube cameras, the Königstein owls have started breeding. However, the nesting site is in a place on the castle ruins that the cameras cannot see.