Pot Plant Owls - Johannesburg, South Africa

You are watching live streaming video of a Spotted Eagle Owls nest, better known as "The Pot Plant Owls". This nest has been built in a potted plant on the camera owners balcony. The Eagle Owls have returned to this nesting site every year since 2008 to raise their brood.
About this nest - The female will lay from 3-4 eggs 48 hours apart and begin a 30 day incubation period after the last egg is laid. The owlets will fledge after about 55-70 days from hatching. Read more about this pair of Spotted Eagle Owls at the pot plant Owl blog.


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Chris in Olympia
Chris in Olympia

From Pot Plant Owl Facebook 12/8/2017 We’ve had a wonderful amount of much-needed rain recently. This has left gardens absolutely soaking wet. Of course, garden birds have not escaped the heavy rainfall. In this rain, Lady has sat diligently on her eggs, doing her best to keep the eggs dry and warm. Until this morning. After heavy rain again last night, we woke up to find Lady gone and the eggs abandoned. We’re not sure if this persistently heavy rain influenced her decision or if there are other reasons. Pappa isn’t around this morning either which leads us to believe… Read more »