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Robin Nest Cam

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You are watching a live cam focused on an American Robin Nest located in Portland, Oregon, USA. This is a 24/7 Livestream, however there isn't any lighting at night.

2019 Nesting Stats:

Robin laid 2 eggs on 6/29/19, 3rd on 7/1/19, 4th was laid on 7/2/19. Incubation is 12-14 days. Hatch ETA is July 11th-13th 2019. Fledge can be expected 14-16 days after hatching.


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TomnLiz Of Littlehouse

I too noticed that there are only three babies left in the nest. I scrolled back 12 hours and it appears one must’ve fell out overnight. Since it looks like only three where left after daylight.

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