Live Loon Nest Cam - Central Minnesota

This is a live video feed of wild common loons in their nest.

The nest is on a floating platform in a lake. This family of loons have been nesting here for over 10 years. This camera also has night vision of which the birds can't see. The light(infrared) can only be picked up by the camera. Larry Backlund(camera owner) is a loon expert and shares his insight about the nest from his blog at Minnesota Bound.

2011 nesting information: 1st egg laid 05/04/11 - hatched 05/31/11. 2nd egg laid 05/07/11 - hatched first week of June.
2014 nesting information: 1st egg laid 05/12/14 - estimated to hatch about 27 days after laid.
2015 nesting information:

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